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Hello and welcome to Áine's Library. My name is Rachel, I am a writer, a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon & Rising, and a lightworker (though we all are in various perceived forms!). This space was to document my inner healing journey but mainly to share the resources that aided me with anyone who would like guidance on where to begin.


My journey began in 2012, when I noticed I was seeing 11:11 and 1:11 everywhere,  everyday -

 for months! My curiosity had finally been nudged enough times that I looked up the meaning of 1111. 

From there I learned about the awakening code, lightworkers, mindfulness,  manifestation, indigo children, earth angels, Doreen Virtue, and all things metaphysical. To say the least, I fell in love. I felt such a strong connection with everything I was learning. I devoured every article and book I could get my hands on. I had been raised on some of these concepts, but it took on a whole new meaning experiencing it for myself and expanding my own awareness. 


After months of progressing through the initial stages of accumulating endless resources, spiritual teachers, self-help gurus, and holistic wellness modalities... I was a bit too overwhelmed to know where to begin. So I did what most students lacking structure, organization, and true dedication do... I got lazy, distracted, and gave up. I let the books pile up on my shelves and the oracle decks gather dust in my drawer. I felt a lot of shame around that for a while, feeling that if I had the desire to live a devotional life in my heart, then I never would have given up. I see now how it all was a part of my journey.  Everything happened exactly as it needed to, when it needed to.

As it always does right?


Flash forward to November 2016, I decided to pick up the books, dust off my meditation skills, and get serious about my spiritual journey. I had the idea for Learning to Glow, created a basic site, then shelved that for another two months, until I got the message that the time was now. 


There is so much out there when it comes to spirituality, holistic health, and metaphysical principles, especially for someone just embarking on this journey. Some of us have been raised on these concepts, but for others it is a whole new world of knowledge to digest and implement into our lives. The best advice I could offer when you are sorting through The Learning to Glow Library, or any other spiritual resource, is to pay attention to how the information makes you feel.


Does it confuse you? Intrigue you? Scare you? Excite you? If you listen to your intuition when you hear or read something, you will know what rings true for you. I am still on my journey. And I am excited to see what I create as I continue to explore the depths of myself, but I know that the highest, brightest version of myself already exists inside me. That light inside of us never went out, never could, but we all forget - whether for a moment or years on end.


I don't know about you, but to me, spending a life exploring all of the wonderful teachings and tools available for us to grow and embody the healthiest version of ourselves, sounds pretty epic! 

So if you are here to grow as well, welcome and thank you for joining me.


Our light is much needed.

much love,
Rachel Catherine
As I am all about sharing my favorite resources on LTG,
I wanted to include a few of my personal favorite movies on this topic below
Out on a Limb
based off the book by Shirley MaClaine
- - -
One of my favorite movies about the metaphysical journey. Based off Shirley's real-life journey and experiences in learning about the world of metaphysics. It is an absolute staple for any lightworker or soul seeker.
starring Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more
- - -
One of the most powerful and helpful documentaries I have ever seen. So much of what I had been learning about energy and raising our vibrations hadn't truly clicked until I watched this film. I can't recommend it enough!