How to Strengthen Your Intuition
by Connie Chapman

We all have the ability to live intuitively guided lives, where we are delicately pulled by our inner whisper and lead by the energy within us. But most of us don’t know where to begin connecting with our intuition and have no idea how to decipher it from the myriad of other thoughts that rush through our mind.

Over the past 6-12 months I have been working to strengthen my relationship with my inner voice and it is now the foundation upon which I make all my decisions and run my business. 

As this connection has strengthened, my life has transformed and taken on a softer, more effortless feel.

Our life is always in a state of change and flux, but within us is an ever-present constant force, that can see the grander plan. When we can tap in to that energy and place our trust in it whole-heartedly, all fear subsides and we can drop in to the flow of life.

We no longer need to struggle alone through periods of change, challenge and transition. Our intuition can provide comfort, support and clarity amongst the confusion, and we can be effortlessly guided to exactly where we need to be.

The 5 key steps to strengthening your relationship with your intuition:

1. Recognise that you are already intuitive, it is just about strengthening the connection

2. How does your intuition communicate with you? Reflect on times where you have felt that inner knowing, gut instinct or intuitive feeling. Did you feel a physical sensation, hear a voice, or see a vision?

3. Acknowledge it’s presence by paying attention to what it shares with you. Keep a running list of it’s guidance in your journal and record the inspired ideas, feelings or inner whispers it shares with you.

4. Experiment and play with your intuition by acting on and following what it shares. Tune in to your feelings and practise using them to make decisions and sense what is right for you.

5. Create space within your day for quietness and stillness so that your inner voice can speak up and be heard. 

Connie is a life coach, passionate writer and inspirational speaker. She guides her clients on the path of inner transformation to empower you to choose love over fear, serenity over struggle and to listen deeply to your divine inner wisdom.