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Learning to Glow: The Beginning

A few months ago, I never would have pictured myself writing this. When the idea for Learning to Glow first came to me in December of 2016, I thought it would be a project for down the line. For someday. When I was ready, when I was better, when I knew more, when I was older... Then January rolled around and I asked myself, why am I waiting?

The answer was very clear, I didn't think I was good enough or knew enough to share my thoughts and opinions with the world. Who would want to take advice from me? I just started this whole "personal development and spiritual awakening" process two months ago, most people have years and years of experience before they speak out. I was coming up with so many excuses that I didn't even have time to consider other options, let alone poke holes in my very flimsy excuses. "I don't have the time" was a big one.Thankfully the universe took care of that one for me.

I have two other jobs that I had been balancing for the last two years. One is working for my mother's online publicity company. The other was handling the clients from the social media management company I had founded three years ago, Ductus Operations. Recently things had slowed down with Ductus and I was only handling three accounts - all of which were some of my absolute favorite clients. Lovely women who had been so sweet and supportive of me. I was very fortunate to have such incredible working relationships with them. But within the last two months of building this site, all of the accounts I had been working on decided to pause things for the time being. I now had the space and breathing room to dedicate my focus to this project.

I am at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I have come so far in the past few months since I have begun, but I know I have so much still to learn. My hope with this website, is to create an index, a community, and a system, to aid in both my journey and yours. I decided I don't have to be a teacher to share knowledge or tools, I can share them as a peer and as someone who is in need of these tools, as much as you may be.

The Library is broken down by topics and features articles, books, videos, podcasts, products, and gurus that have personally helped or interested me. The Workbooks will be interactive study guides to help you digest the information as you begin to read the books, watch the videos, and listen to the podcasts. The Courses will be coming early summer, and will be an in depth process for you outlining the steps of building a strong spiritual foundation and a strong sense of self, based on ACIM teachings (A Course in Miracles).

Along with The Library, The Workbooks, and Courses that I hope will help you in this endeavor, I will also release random free guides, resource lists, and tools. Sign up for The Learning to Glow Newsletter to be notified and have these goodies sent straight to your inbox! I truly hope my work with this site will be of some use and help to anyone out there like me who wants to dive deeper into the world of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

much love,


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