A Sacred Space to Heal
by Jo Klima

In my online workshops I talk a bit about how being creative and making art is not about what you actually make or how good it is, but how the process can become part of your spiritual practice and allow you to express your thoughts and feelings, connect with your intuitive self, break through creative blocks and experience more peace and mindfulness. I also see the potential for the process providing a sacred space to heal. Of course making art or being creative at any time is good for me, but I know that during the times I do feel a little lost, upset, stuck or overwhelmed, that is when I experience the biggest shifts.

Many people think art is only for ‘artists’, or that there is only two possibilities: either a person is not artistic or creative, or they are the perfect artist who only makes incredible art. Neither can be true. We all actually sit somewhere on a beautiful rainbow spectrum. The purpose of making art can differ, but I do think it comes down to the simple fact that art (in its many forms) nurtures our need to express. It has less to do with its aesthetic appeal, which is subjective anyway, and more to do with the process and state of mind of the creator.

I love that you can let go of anger by physically throwing paint or scratching deep into a surface or scribbling marks frantically. It’s like letting out a scream or swearing. It just feels good to do in the moment. If your mind is chaotic, just a few minutes of doodling or colouring in can have the calming

effect of meditation. Using colours you’re drawn to can help balance and align the energy centres in your metaphysical body. It’s so amazing and powerful.

My primary intent isn’t to make art to sell, or to teach how to make a technically perfect painting, not that

I could anyway. I just want people to discover for themselves how the process can help them in their own life or work. Each time someone tells me they bought some art supplies, created a mandala, or they’ve inspired their kids to paint intuitively, it really is a magical moment.

The painting in progress above is one large messy canvas I’ve had sitting on my studio wall for months. The last few days I had a strong urge to work on it. With all the crazy things going on, I know I can find my joy there when I need it, and the crazy background made way for a much calmer presence and clearer vision.

I can tell you that the energy of my little studio feels so much better as the painting has progressed. When

I started it several months ago I had already planned to hang it in my sacred space at home. But like most paintings, even after they are finished, this one will probably stay up in the studio for a little while until it’s ready for it’s new place. I’m excited to see how it continues to progress.


Jo Klima is an artist who seeks visual inspiration from geometry & sacred symbology, animals, crystals, nature, astrology. She is the founder of The Darling Tree, creator of online courses such as Amulet, Inspirit, and The Unicorn Project.