Radiant Living

A Self-led program designed to help you cultivate internal and external alchemy by balancing

your Vitality Trifecta. 

Are you ready to learn to glow?

The Learning to Glow Radiant Living program is a 4 month

personalized journey to create sustainable

vitality in Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Looking for a personalized, comprehensive and balanced approach to inner transformation, with support along the way?

This program is for those overwhelmed with variety of options regarding spiritual practices, healing modalities, books, and teachers... all of which may be wonderful, supportive tools... but you lack the direction to take the consistent action required to create a life that makes you glow.

We all need support and organization to cultivate true transformation - the kind with lasting power. And this program offers you just that.

> Build a Vitality Toolkit

> Cultivate Your Vitality Trifecta

> Develop Strong Core Practices in Mind, Body & Spirit

> Release Toxic Thought Patterns and Limiting Beliefs

> Create Flexible Lifestyle Options to Accommodate 

Alternating Environments & Circumstances

> Activate the Empowerment Source Within You

With so many lifestyle options on the market today, knowing which resources will be a solid fit for you can take years. 


No amount of coaching or guidance can give you a definitive plan for life, our inevitable growth and changing desires will always be a factor. But we certainly can save ourselves some time and money by slowing down to make strategic moves from the start... or at least starting today.

Want a sneak peek at the Vitality Trifecta Booklet?

Download your Free Mini Vitality Trifecta Booklet here

What will you receive?


The Learning to Glow Radiant Living program offers you guidance, organization, and structure to support your journey. It is an evergreen program that can be completed whenever you have the time and space to do so.


Whether your journey is one of health and wellness, spiritual growth  or personal development, the tools and practices that we will curate together for you will lead to transcendent ripple effects throughout your entire life. 

During this four month program, you will be able to choose between two methods of completing the program. The Self-Led experience or The Collaborative experience.


The Self-Led experience will involve consistent email support with me, and you shall receive all of the course work and course materials within the first 2 weeks of enrollment. 


The Collaborative experience, allows you access to up to 4 calls with me. We will discuss how to balance your Vitality Trifecta to create a glowing life in your Mind, Body, & Spirit. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


You will gain clarity on the lifestyle pathways and modalities that are in alignment for you and which ones are not, so that you can save yourself

a lot of time, money, and energy.



We are all so different, and the tools and lifestyle choices that work for some, don't work at all for others. Having deep insight into ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and true desires, is imperative to understanding which lifestyle options are worth our investments of time, money, and energy.

Included in both the Self-Led and Collaborative experiences:

> Radiant Living Course Work personalized to guide you through 6 Units of transformative inner awareness work through the context of the Vitality Trifecta. Corresponding to the included Vitality Trifecta Booklet.

> One Book (TBD) you'll receive one of the books on my list of life-changing

books, decided upon during our initial session (included in price), that you haven't read before that peaks your interest. Think of it as an included book club between you and me.

> Personalized Resource Guide that I will curate to match your needs and goals. 

> Personalized Local Activities Guide will be created based on your location, to help give you options on where to begin building or expanding your community. 

> Intuitive Dream Analysis to dive deeper into your subconscious desires to create a clear pathway of transformation. 

a bit about me


My name is Rachel Catherine Leedom and I am the creator of Learning to Glow.


My professions have ranged from publicist with my mom's global online PR agency, web designer and social media manager after founding my own company, Ductus Operations 3 years ago, author (I'm currently in the process of writing my first novel), and internal radiance alchemist (Is that a thing? Well it should be!) I have been on my own journey of personal and spiritual development for years, but it has been anything but a smooth ride.


Through the events that have led me to where I am today, I have gathered some very valuable tools that enabled me to create and implement lasting change in my life. These internal shifts have resulted in miraculous situations that to this day my head/ego still tires to tell me are "too good to be true".

5 Years ago I was deep in self-loathing and depression, experiencing frequent panic attacks, and used self-harm as my solution to every scary emotion I didn't want to face. My mind was a very, very fearful and negative place - both towards myself and the outside world.


I loved the feeling of "pride" I experienced from hurting myself, both physically and emotionally through various forms of self-sabotage. I thought I was born broken because I didn't know how to handle my emotions or life in general, the way other people appeared to.


I kept telling myself the story, that if things only get harder when you're an adult with bills, work and family pressures... then how am I going to be able to survive if I'm barely staying alive as it is?

I made many mistakes during those years when I was in that dark place, that I have realized the number one thing that is key to my healing is forgiving myself.


Forgiving ourselves truly - not just saying it, but feeling it - can be such a big task and feel overwhelming. Whether you're forgiving yourself for not treating your body well, for not following your dreams, for not listening to that gut instinct...


Making any kind of change or improvement in your life must come hand-in-hand with self-compassion and forgiveness. Which taught me to accept that I am allowed to make imperfect progress. Things are allowed to get better and STAY better, no matter how many baby steps, or set backs, may be required.


Bumps in the road will still occur, obstacles appear, and things certainly don't become "perfect" overnight. But slow and steady progress is something I am proud of, and if anything, it has set me up to build a solid new foundation based on these healthy, loving and fun lifestyle changes. Now I'm ready to share what I've learned, and learn even more in return from you and your journey.

"perfection is the enemy of growth"


Perfectionism has been a life long epidemic for me and I hadn't fully realized until recently how it was affecting my personal growth journey. I believed it was normal to hold yourself back from climbing up the ladder until you had successfully mastered your current level in the game of life.


And by that, I mean mastered the same "obstacle" over and over and over and over, without messing up even once - then you're "allowed" to move on to new tasks... Pretty high standard to hold myself to, but I'm sure you understand how that is.


So in an effort to make progress not perfection, both Learning to Glow as

a site and this program had been put "live" before they were 100% polished. 


This page will evolve, this program will evolve, and I will evolve. But right now its perfect as it is, and completely worthy of standing in the light. I'm not here to create something that doesn't feel true, supportive, and authentic of who I am, and where I am at today. As that is also my goal for you, your dreams and life. 


I am studying to get my life coach certification, but this is not a coaching program as many of you may be accustomed to seeing. I am not bringing my accredited knowledge to the table, as that is still being fleshed out. If you are struggling with depression, severe anxiety, mental illness, an eating disorder, or anything else that may require a more precise healing approach, I recommend using this course only in addition to such treatment and not instead of, at least while you are in the thick of it.


However, I am bringing my personal experience and years of devotion to my healing. And being the research nut and organization lover that I am, I have developed a program that sheds light on all of the amazing tools and programs that are out there, but through a personalized lens.


My goal is to individually help you to examine where you're at, what is working and what is not, and to offer feedback as a friend and someone who understands what you may be going through. I have also developed some strategies that I used for my own inner healing and attunement, that I feel may benefit others.

So Learning to Glow and the Radiant Living program, are both works in progress as much as I am, but I am learning to love that all the same, if not more.

Program Elements and Bonuses

      The Radiant Living Program offers you:

> Radiant Living Course Work personalized to guide you through 6 Units of   transformative inner awareness work through the context of the Vitality Trifecta. Corresponding to the included Vitality Trifecta Booklet.

> One Book (TBD) I will send you one of the books on my list of life-changing books, that we decide upon (included in price). It will be one you haven't read before that peaks your interest. You will read it during the 4 month program and we will discuss the book together, think of it as our own mini book club.

> Personalized Resource List that I will put together of tools, podcasts, meditations, articles, teachers, videos, etc. to assist you based on your individual needs and goals. 

> Personalized Local Activities Guide will be created for you based on your location. A huge part of creating a glowing life is community, but for some of us, we live in areas where finding a tribe of soul sisters seems it will be nearly impossible. I will curate a guide for you based on research in your area so you have some potential places and activities to start exploring.

> Bonus: Personalized Meal Plans will be curated for you if this is an area you feel you want to focus on during the program. We will customize an intuitive eating plan that fits where you desire some help. I am not a certified health coach but can refer you to many wonderful people who are and their meal programs.

> Bonus: Intuitive Dream Analysis to help us dive deeper into your     subconscious feelings and desires to create a clear pathway of transformation for you. 

Collaborative Experience Optional Add-On:

> 4 Skype or Zoom Sessions with Rachel to evaluate where you are and how    we can upgrade your lifestyle to help you glow sustainably.


Areas of Focus Include:

Mindfulness | Affirmations | Meditation | Physical Health | Organic Living | Decluttering | Productivity | Time Management | Inner Motivation | Relieving Stress | Alleviating Anxiety & Depression | Discover Your Life Purpose | Contribution & Volunteering | Cultivate an Abundance Mindset | Release Financial Fear

Radiant Living is Now Open for Enrollment
Self-Led Experience
Course Materials, 6 Units of Course Work
Email Support with Rachel Catherine

How will it work?


Radiant Living is a personalized program where together we will design a lifestyle plan so you can confidently take action, but to be prepared to stay in the flow of whatever life throws your way.


We will explore things you have and haven't tried, and the blocks that have kept you from maintaining the lifestyle you desire.

We will examine together the core areas of your life that you feel need a little extra TLC. I will provide you with as many tools, resources, and "back-up plans" as I can to support your journey, especially in those moments when choosing the higher option isn't always easy.

Course Work & Vitality Trifecta Booklet


One Book (TBD) 

Personalized Resource List 


Personalized Local Activities Guide 

Intuitive Dream Analysis 


Once you enroll, we will have an initial chat via email and you will receive your Intake Form. Once I have that returned, then the book you decide upon will be sent to you either via Kindle or in the mail (your preference).


You will also receive your 6 Units of Course Work either via physical book mailed to you (collaborative experience), or online via email (Self-led). If you are outside the U.S. we can discuss options if you would still like the physical versions shipped. Everything else will be delivered via email within the first 15 days.


There is a loose 4-month schedule to the program, but if you are following the Self-led experience then you do not have to adhere to the timeline and can complete the course at any time.  


If you do follow the timeline, the first month of the program will cover your self discovery introspection and inner reflection to set an aligned commitment, then we will work together to build the first version of your Vitality Toolkit.


The following 30 days will be focused on forming habits and implementing methods to shift your lifestyle as you feel into what is working and what isn't.


As you begin to experiment with different resources, we will shift lanes as needed to ensure the best fit for your lifestyle, so you can show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. But this program will require a certain level of commitment from you and for your improvement, to achieve optimum results.


Are you ready to learn to glow, activating the Divine power within you to create a radiant lifestyle? Have any questions? Get in touch at contact@learningtoglow.com

Radiant Living is Now Open for Enrollment
Contact Rachel if you have any questions regarding Radiant Living or which experience is for you.
Self-Led Experience
Course Materials, 6 Units of Course Work
Email Support with Rachel Catherine
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