The True Meaning of 33 and 333
by Doreen Virtue

The number 3 refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance.

In most cases, if you are seeing a lot of 3's, this is an Angel Number sign that you have a close connection to Jesus, the son in the Holy Trinity.

33 means that Jesus is with you and helping you.

333 means that Jesus is emphasizing the message that you've been receiving. For example, if you've had repetitive thoughts to take positive and healthful action, the repeated 3's are a sign to take action without delay or hesitation. After all, most prayers are answered when we take divinely guided action steps.

The more 3's that you see in a sequence, the stronger the message is emphasized. Some people see rows of 3's immediately after praying, and the numbers are validation that their prayers have been heard and are being answered. 

3's can also signal that you are on the path of spiritual growth and are now living from Love, your higher self, and the Holy Spirit -- this is especially true if you're also seeing a lot of white dove images lately.

Pythagoras taught that 3 was a nobel number because it is the only number which is the sum of all of the numbers below it. It therefore is the symbol for "As above, so below," which is symbolized by the 3-sided pyramid or triangle.

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