An Interview with Natalie Walstein
Career Astrologer from Soulshine Astrology

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She proves astrological insights for cosmic boss babes. As your personal Career Astrologer, it’s Natalie's mission to help you expand your cosmic consciousness around your life + career, so you can collaborate harmoniously with the universe, and spread more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world. She offers one on one Career Alchemy Sessions, Cosmic Career Blueprints (basically own user’s manual for your life + career), and One Question Readings.

Photo Credits: Natalie Walstein @soulshineastrology

How did you first discover astrology? Has it been a life-long love?


Astrology has always been a special life-long interest for me as long as I can remember, however, I didn’t know that much about it beyond the typical Sun Sign horoscopes you read everywhere until I was 23. That's when my intuitive & spirituality loving mom sent me a book called ‘Heaven Knows What’ by Grant Lewi, which contains instructions on how to calculate your own chart and translate its meaning.


I was very captivated by my own chart – and by the idea that astrology could tell you so much about yourself. I felt like there was something really amazing about it, however I didn’t fully understand the meanings at the time because this book was written in 1935 with very un-modern, esoteric language.


I let it go of it for a while to focus on my graphic design career until my friend let me borrow another really old book about health astrology, and that’s when I realized how legitimate it was and also that I really loved learning about it.


Eventually, at age 26, I got an amazing opportunity to take part in an intensive course series where I got to learn 30 years worth of knowledge from top practicing astrologers in just 8 very long days. My mind pretty much exploded wide open with so much amazing universal knowledge after that and I became obsessed!


What about Soulshine Astrology felt particularly aligned with your soul’s calling when you

first launched?


First of all, it made me really excited! Like, a little too excited. I was naturally high on it and could not come down for hours after I read a chart. It makes sense because, soon after I finished my classes and decided to pursue astrology as a career, I ended up having a sudden & intense spiritual awakening.


All of my chakras opened up above my head (as I found out much later, because I had no idea what was going on at the time), I started seeing non-stop visions for a week, and I became fully aware of hidden spiritual gifts I had never fully realized I had, kind of similar to how a medium has a spiritual awakening and realize they can channel spirits. However, in my case, it turned out that I am able to tap into the greater collective consciousness and understand the universe and other people's spiritual make-up on a crazy deep level.

From this very unusual experience, it became alarmingly clear to me that reading astrology really was my life purpose, and that I had had many precognitive dreams about it before, and as I came to realize, even previous lifetimes as a seer and fortune teller. That is when I knew for sure that this is what I was always born to do, and memories kept coming up to remind me of all of the things I loved in my life that had been pointing me in this direction all along. Reading my own astrology chart really confirmed it for me and kicked off this process as well, of course!



When did Soulshine Astrology launch? Is there any wisdom you can share or lessons you have learned about running your own heart-centered business?

I officially dove in fully and bought my web domain in August of 2016 – which was actually a few months before my crazy spiritual awakening - so not all that long ago! As I continued on with it, it was very helpful for me to know that this is what I was born to do, because I had a drive like no other and I knew that I could not fail at doing something that was so integral to my being. However, simply knowing your life purpose doesn’t automatically pay the bills in the practical world as it turns out! So, it took a lot of faith, a lot of learning as I went, and constantly making big decisions about how I truly wanted my life & career to feel, plus a lot of bootstrapping to make ends meet.

I started out with a goal of doing over 100 readings for free just to practice and hone my skills so I could become more confident and make sure my readings were as helpful as possible. So, I still had to work hard and make my income in other ways while I built it up. It’s very important to have a strong belief in yourself in those early days (and always), especially if you are surrounded by others who just don’t get it. It is really not easy for anyone to run their own business, no matter what others try to portray, but discovering and owning your power is the most important and worthwhile thing you’ll ever do in this life, and starting your own business is such a beautiful & rewarding way to do it!



What are three lesser known aspects of astrology that you have found people are commonly unaware of?


The first one, and the most common misconception I would like to break apart, is that astrology goes way far beyond your Sun sign (or “star sign”). You have a sign for every planet and major asteroid in our solar system, and each one is incredibly meaningful in terms of helping you discover your very specific life purpose, right down to the specific degree it falls on. Each point could honestly tell you a whole book of information about yourself if you look into it deeply enough, which is why a lot of astrologers have simplified down to just your Sun sign (and also because it’s the only way to give 500 million people a horoscope at once)!

The second misconception people sometimes ask me about – usually after discovering how accurate their chart is - is whether or not your whole life is pre-determined. My answer to that is a definite “No” because we will always have free will and we are always given a choice to use the energy in our charts and in the skies either positively or negatively, but both options probably lead you to the same spot eventually because you will learn lessons about how you really want to feel either way.

And the third thing people usually haven’t heard about are Void Moons. These are not good times to take action on new things in your life, which is a very helpful thing to know about for avoiding time-wasting and frustration in your everyday life (more about that below!).


How do planetary movements affect our lives on a daily basis?


The planets above us are always in motion and each one moves at its own pace depending on how far it is away from the Earth. As they all move around the Sun, they create different aspects (or angles) with one another, triggering events to take place on Earth. Each planet can also light up different parts of your chart as it goes around, causing you to deal with different issues having to do with that planet and the type of angles it's making. This is what allows me to look into your past, present, or future and accurately predict what type of issues you may be dealing with at any given time.


What are Void Moons and what is best to focus on during these seemingly energetically-empty times?


Void Moons occur when the Moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next and is not triggering any aspects with any other planets. Each planet powers its own special type of energy, but the Moon creates no light of its own and acts as a satellite to zap the planetary energies down to us on Earth. So when the Moon is not making any aspects, it’s like the TV channel is stuck on white fuzz. This happens approximately every 2 ½ days or less and can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 20+ hours depending on where the planets are. Since the planets trigger events in our lives, there are no events to be triggered when the Moon is void, and any projects that you start during this time usually do not go anywhere or end up being meaningless down the road.

On the bright side, Void Moons can be wonderful for looking within yourself for answers through journaling or meditating because there is not as much noise going on around you and you’re better able to focus on your inner light. Another thing that Void Moons can be good for is finishing up old tasks, tying up loose ends, or taking care of simple maintenance work like cooking, cleaning or grocery shopping – things that you will need to keep doing over and over as part of your daily routine anyways.

What is coming up next for you? Where do you see

yourself desiring to expand within the next five years?


I have so many exciting projects in the works because I truly

love what I do - plus there is still always so much to learn

about and look at as an astrologer. It’s funny because I often

forget what day it is since I spend so much of my time looking

into the past and future!

Overall, I feel that my mission is to show people how

amazingly helpful astrology can be both as a spiritual and

practical tool for living your life with more understanding and

confidence. In addition to conducting 1-on-1 astrology

readings and custom reports via my website, I’m also in the

process of developing online & in-person workshops, and

creating a set of cosmic planners for next year. As well as

launching an astrology podcast to interview inspiring lightworkers and changemakers on the topic of harnessing your authenticity, while looking into their astrology charts and further modernizing and familiarizing people with this very ancient study in a super fun way.


Natalie Walstein was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada for Communication Design before working as a self-employed graphic, web & magazine designer for creative entrepreneurs for 5+ amazing years. After realizing she was meant to connect with others on a deeper level through astrology, she decided to make a major career change that ended up bringing her to realize her calling of blending ancient spiritual wisdom with modern practicality. She now spends her days studying planetary cycles and helping creative entrepreneurs & intuitive truth seekers connect to their deeper calling while aligning their life + career with the cosmos.

Photo Credits: Natalie Walstein @soulshineastrology