An Interview with Kirsty O'Brien
Manifesting Muma, Retreat Leader & Meditation Teacher

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Kirsty O’Brien is a teacher of all things manifesting, meditation and self love. Inspiring women to create a life of intention and presence with daily rituals. Supporting you to ditch the doubt, heal your anxiety and bring clarity to your heart felt desires.

Her written work can regularly be seen in many Australian print and online publications. 

Kirsty leads Soul Practices, a 28-day online audio course.

and Soul Musings, an online journaling course. 

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How did you begin your journey of ditching the self doubt and tuning into your intuition as a way of life?

It really began for me when my PTSD anxiety was taking over my life and I realized I had a lot more to heal other than just my anxiety. It was unearthing a lot of old pain for me. Stuff I had probably been avoiding for 20 something years. And so I began implementing some daily rituals to just understand myself better, understand my anxiety and come back to being guided by my soul again.


For me that consisted of journaling and meditation became a daily practice. I immersed in spiritual development, becoming really aware of where I was focusing my energy.


What are a few of the key limiting beliefs that were difficult for you to overcome as you began to honor the whispers of your soul?  


My biggest one has always been around my worthiness. The more I listened to my soul and leaned in to love, the more I saw how this feeling of unworthiness had altered my life path. That strengthened me, knowing that it was time for me to see my own worth. As I returned to work after my daughter’s transplant, I was also holding a lot around scarcity.

What does embodying a “Manifesting Muma” look like in your day to day life? 

Making self care practices non-negotiable every single day. I really try to keep bringing myself back to that space of intention… How do I want to feel? How do I choose to respond? I follow what lights me up. 

How would you describe the process of birthing your beautiful Bali Retreats? Did you encounter any doubts or fears along the way, and if so how do you move through them? 

Oh where to start! At the end of 2014 I went to Bali on my own self healing trip. My youngest daughter had just come out of 100 days’ isolation after her bone marrow transplant. She was thriving and I was gripped by PTSD anxiety, just trying to find my place in my own life again and trust that all was well in our world. Everything felt so fragile at that time of my life. I was disconnected from everything I had numbed that much.


That trip strengthened me and stirred my soul awake again. I have always loved Bali, I got married there. I knew after that trip that one day I would hold space for women in Bali so they could give back to themselves and tune in. Last year I just went for it. Early on, when I was booking the villa, I went into overthinking mode.


Doubting how I could make it all work, how I could get women onboard, almost that rabbit hole of “this is too amazing to be true” type of thinking. But I have a little mantra which is…  don’t become one with the freak out. Which reminds me that my little freak out is because I’m about to do something really huge and expansive. That mantra reminds me to shift from that gut niggling fear to excitement. And it was just so right.


Everything aligned from start to finish. It was a truly magical experience that I’ll never forget.   

How do you feel strengthening your intuition has helped improve your life, career, and relationships? 

It’s stopped me overthinking. I go by how I feel 100% now. I know what and who is good for me. It’s bought the ease and flow back.


What are 3 nuggets of wisdom you feel you could share based on your experience, with someone who is dreaming of living life from a place of trust to manifest their biggest dreams, but might be experiencing doubt or fear?

1. Follow what lights you up. Your soul ALWAYS knows.

2. Flowing, not forcing. Breathe and just allow it to unfold.

3. Your personal vibration is your priority. Do all that you can to nurture, protect and know it intimately. That will change your world.

What does your daily spiritual practice look like? Does it change or do you prefer structure around it?

I have a regular morning routine that rarely changes, that involves early rising, lemon water, diffusing oils, meditation and movement. I make time every day for grounding and music. I journal on a regular basis. I schedule in self care through the week just like I schedule in client calls.

What is coming up next for you? In your career and on your own personal journey of growth and expansion?

In my biz, I have two courses coming out in October. Soul Practices, a 28-day online audio course, and another journaling course. Next year I am planning a 3-day retreat in Noosa and another Bali one… maybe two. Just securing dates!


For me personally, I’m always growing, always curious, always expanding. I’ve just started to dip my toe into Kundalini yoga and I am LOVING that!

Kirsty O’Brien is a teacher of all things manifesting, meditation and self love. Inspiring women to create a life of intention and presence with daily rituals. Supporting you to ditch the doubt, heal your anxiety and bring clarity to your heart felt desires.



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