An Interview with Grace Niu
Creator of Feng Shui Serenity and Intuitive Destiny Coach

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Grace Niu is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and an Intuitive Destiny Coach, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose. 

She is also a business mentor, writer, speaker and holds workshops regularly in her local community in Sydney. She is a seeker for truth and believes that to change the world, you have to change yourself. 

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Photo: Grace Niu @fengshuiserenity

What are a few of the core reasons why implementing Feng Shui into our lives and homes is beneficial, for anyone unfamiliar with the practice? 


  1. All that is seen is connected with the UNSEEN. Feng Shui believes that EVERYTHING in physical world is energy and is intrinsically connected to each other. 


Our existence is a delicate and intricate balance of energies. You, your body and your world are connected by distinct energy fields. Beyond words and actions, what connect us are frequencies and vibrations. When you change the energy of your home, you change the energy field of yourself and  ultimately your life.

Feng Shui is a practice that analyzes the interaction of this energy (Qi) between people and their environment – it is a sophisticated system that allows us to fully understand and best determine how to harness the laws of nature to our benefit.

When we live harmoniously with the nature and mother earth, when we are in alignment with the external environment such as our home, we are upheld, supported and feeling abundant. Any physical illnesses, emotional struggles as well as all kinds of our life situations are the manifestations caused by the disharmony between the people and their environment. Knowing how to navigate and re-direct these energy so that they can be in harmony is crucial because energy can’t be destroyed. 

2. One the other hand, observing the Feng Shui of your home can also reveal important signs and insights on anything that is NOT aligned within ourselves, so we can create changes and take control of our destiny.

In Feng Shui, we believe that your home is the outer reflection of who you are, it is the physical manifestation. Living spaces are in essence living beings, just as we are. Our energy and that of our homes is so interrelated that each aspect of the home is the symbolic representation of us. If there is an energy imbalance in our home, the effects of that imbalance will show up somewhere in our life.


For example, If a property is missing in the Southwest corner, it usually indicates the ‘lady of the house’ is being ignored or feel powerless and stuck, usually there is a relationship or marital issue within that household.

As a Feng Shui consultant, my job is to observe and identify where the imbalanced energy is, so we can restore the harmony back into your life. After having done hundreds of Feng Shui consultations, I only have to scan the floor plan of the property to know the likely issues the occupants are having in their life, even before I meet them. 

3. Using Feng Shui is the best way to live in harmony with Nature. Your home can be a positive connector or disconnector to Nature, depending on the integrity of the architecture, design, as well as the energy flow.

We naturally feel better in nature. Feng Shui is the best and quickest way to connect you with mother earth and therefore raise your vibrations. Your home represents a strong earth energy. A good Feng Shui home is not only able to sustain you by giving you a physical roof, but has the ability to heal, nurture and support you on an energetic level. It connects you with the infinite source of the mother earth so you can re-charge and rejuvenate. It should be your haven, your sanctuary, where you feel safe to cry, crash and heal. This is the place where you should feel completely open, relax and be your authentic self.

This is why when your luck is ‘down’ or you are going through a ‘bad cycle’, you are trapped in a seemingly vicious circle, where you are more likely to make bad decisions or sabotage yourself. Feng Shui is able to get you ‘out of the rut’ so you can raise your vibration quickly and don’t continue in the cycle of bad luck.

By practicing Feng Shui, the action itself sends out positive energies to the earth that you're asking for support and change. 

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Can you tell us a bit about The Five Element theory? 

The Five Element theory is the foundation of all aspects of Chinese metaphysics, including Feng Shui, the Four Pillars of Destiny chart, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and I Ching.

It is believed that everything in the universe, solid or abstract, can be classified into these five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

These elements, or energies, are understood to be the prime energetic building blocks of which all material substances in the phenomenal world are composed. In other words, we humans are made of the same energy components as the galaxies, the planets, the sun, the earth. We are all one.

The elements activate and move the energy in all aspects of life. Each element also has its own unique characteristics as to how it is expressed in the world. They support and nurture each other, while at the same time also controlling and destroying each other. Their interrelations are not always in harmony; they live in a dynamic tension. This dynamic is constantly changing, always counting on another to provide balance. Just as nature intended, each element is born and reaches its peak, then dies and is re-born again. And this cycle goes on and on into eternity.

The Five Elements are not only the foundation of the Four Pillars of Destiny, which we use to profile one’s destiny; we also use its key principles in Feng Shui practice when assessing the energy shift within our physical environment.

In most recent years, it has also been widely used in managerial courses, leadership programs, business mentoring and life coaching to gain further insights into our human psyche, in order to achieve the core purpose: living a life in harmony and alignment. 



Have you always utilized Feng Shui within your own home? 

Feng Shui has always been in my life ever since when I was little, it just manifested in different forms as I went through different life stages. Growing up in China, mum would say to us that we shouldn’t eat from a chipped bowl, because it contains ill energy, or the bed should never be placed in direct alignment with a mirror. To this day, I’m still religiously checking my bowls before I eat in any restaurants. Now, knowing the philosophies behind those little ‘rules’ makes complete sense. So I guess mum is the person who first introduced me to the Feng Shui world.


My ‘dabbling’ became serious in 2006 when both my husband and I started to have health issues after we purchased our first home. I have also felt a need to constantly renovate our place even there was absolutel no need for it. We both felt drained, irritated and exhausted.

Long story short, the truth was eventually being revealed after I had consulted a professional Feng Shui consultant. The house, being a Wood element in essence, was not suitable for either me or my husband based on our Destiny charts - as both of our Essences at birth are Metal. Because the natural fighting relationship between Metal and Wood, (think of a sword constantly wanting to chop the wood), the relationship between us and our house was deemed not in harmony. This explains why I find it hard to control my impulse of renovation as well as the feelings of burnt-out. In Feng Shui, we believe that you have chosen the house you live in for a particular reason. Your destiny has led you to it. The role of your home is to teach you something you need to learn before you can progress to the next stage of your life.

Looking back, I can’t say those 5-years we stayed in that house was the best time in my life. However, I held an enormous gratitude towards it, my destiny has led me to that house. Because without it, I would have never embarked on the journey to learn Feng Shui properly and now using this amazing practice to help others. To say ‘it has led me to my soul path’ simply is an understatement. 


For someone fairly new to Feng Shui, what would your first suggestions be in order for them to bring more flow and serenity into their lives and home?  


If you are just starting out with Feng Shui, it is important to understand that the idea of Feng Shui is not about adding objects to your home that will bring you good luck. As the matter of fact, the first thing you should do is to scan your home and see what can be removed so you can create some fresh energy flow.


Our home is a metaphor for our life. Even if we have many beautiful paintings, we only have so many walls.

We need to prioritize. When our home is cluttered, it can not breath, the energy usually is stagnant to the point where energy can no longer circulate or move. We need to let go of the things that no longer serve us so that we can be fully open to invite new things to come in.

Behind the concept of ‘decluttering’, the energetic implication is about ‘creating the space in order to expand’.

When you first start to declutter your home, try to start with a crystal-clear intention. Many beginners are rushing into the ‘action’ and ‘doing’, it is actually the other way around, the clarity needs to come first. 

In Feng Shui, the house is also viewed as a whole being in which one part is intricately connected to the other. For example, the centre of each home is considered the ‘heart’ of a home. The front entrance is considered the ‘mouth’ of a home as this is where the Qi or energy comes in and is dispersed into different parts of a home. It is vital to keep these two areas uncluttered, clean and beautiful.

When the energy in one area is negative, it sooner or later can spread into other parts of the house.

Each part of your home also represents some major aspects in life, listed below. So if your messy bedroom is located in the North sector of your home, you are likely to feel stuck in your current career or lack of motivation and ambition.

  • North - career fulfilment, advancement, promotion

  • S.W. - romance, harmony in relationships, passion

  • West - Creativity, new energy, joy in life, fertility

  • N.E. - Knowledge, self development and spiritual pursuits

  • S.E. & N.W. - wealth creation and abundance in life

  • East - health and family relationships.


When you are decluttering your home with a clear purpose, intent, and your motivation, action flows, the shift you experience will be much quicker and profound. Remember, Energy flows where attention goes. 


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What is Destiny Profiling and how can it help us improve the relationships and situations in our lives? 


When I look back at the life I have lived so far, I view it as two parts - a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. The milestone in between is when I learnt about my Four Pillars of Destiny chart.
>> What is my energy make-up at birth?

>> Why do I gravitate towards certain things or people, but not others?
>> Why do certain years feel so challenging while others simply feel as if all stars are aligned?
>> And most importantly, how can I find that golden compass in order to navigate life’s twists and turns with ease?

The Four Pillars of Destiny chart becomes my golden compass... 


When I turned 39, I knew I was about to step into a brand new 10-year luck cycle. My Destiny chart revealed that the dominating theme would be how I created wealth: it would be very different from the past decade. Sure enough, soon afterwards I quit my safe corporate job of 15 years and followed my calling to set up Feng Shui Serenity.


In the last two years, I have journeyed through my healing, embraced my fears to arrive at the truth of who I am. Knowing my life story as revealed from my Destiny chart has been a beacon of light, guiding me through the challenging part of the journey.


Your Destiny chart is your cosmic blueprint, it contains the secret that leads to your ‘personal treasure’. It is based on not only your year of birth, but also month, day as well as hour of birth, therefore, everyone’s story is unique.

Each decade, our life cycle changes. Depending on your DOB, your luck cycle can change at different times. When your luck cycle changes, the dominating energy within that decade will be changing and therefore greatly affecting your life path.

If you are feeling the call for a radical change in your life but weighted down with fears, if you are feeling tangled, limited by your own shadow and judgement... Destiny Profiling will guide you and greatly assist you to dismantle all those things in life that do not serve you any more and bring you into alignment with the best form of yourself.

Through the Destiny Profiling, I bring light and clarity to you, I help you embody your core essence so you can truly be present and focus on your own journey unfolding. I remind that you are more than your current circumstances and the external world can define.

Destiny Profiling Session is for you if:

  • You are changing your 10-year luck pillar. You feel an energy shift but are at lost how

    to navigate it

  • You are at the threshold of a luck-pillar change, the energy can be felt 12-18 months

    leading up to when it actually happens

  • You are 5-year into the current 10-year luck pillar where the 2 elements within this

    decade are transiting

  • You want to gain a deeper sense of who you are and what you are put on earth to do

  • You are at the crossroad of making a life-changing decision, be it about your career,

    relationships, health, relocating, or whatever it might be

  • You want to assess the compatibility with another person energetically, be it

    romantically or a business association

  • You want to identify the most beneficial energy so you can navigate your life path


What advice would you give to anyone on their journey who is dreaming of starting their own soul-centered business, or recently has, but may be experiencing doubt/fear/lack? 


Congratulations! You have just arrived at the door that leads to ‘a new path’ where the ‘fear/doubt/lack’ are gatekeepers. If you are experiencing these feelings, considered it normal, we all have been there. Be excited, you are onto something truly gold! My advice would be:


1. Embrace your fears and shadows, those emotions are energy too. They have to go somewhere.

Don’t resist them. Sink into those emotions. Just like watching the twigs floating in a flowing river, simply watch them come and go.
Acknowledge it.

You can even thank them.
Then ask them take backseat.

2. Align Your Vision


3. Trust

4. Take Guided Action

Follow your own path.
Allow your heart to be illuminated by your natural connection with the universe.

Create some space and pull back from the outside world a little.
Be your inner artist.
Move with the directive flow of you own being.
You are ready. 

What is coming up next for you, with Feng Shui Serenity

and your own personal journey? 


The guidance I have been receiving so far is about soul connection

with like-minded people on a larger scale. More teaching and education

especially in Feng Shui Live audience, so more webinars and workshops.


I am still in the process of downloading more information as I tune into

2018 energy, but I see more webinars, workshops, courses and events

for Feng Shui Serenity in the upcoming year, very exciting. 


Grace Niu is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and an Intuitive Destiny Coach, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose. She is a professional member of Australian Feng Shui Consultants and is actively involved in running this organization. She is passionate about bringing fresh perspectives involving the ancient Eastern wisdom of Chinese metaphysics. Through her Destiny Profiling, Personalized Feng Shui and Business Alchemy 1:1 program, she guides modern day women from all parts of the world to gain clarity and empower them live a joyful, fulfilled and soul-aligned life. She is also a business mentor, writer, speaker and holds workshops regularly in her local community in Sydney. She is a seeker for truth and believes that to change the world, you have to change yourself.  

Photo: Grace Niu @fengshuiserenity