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Whitney Freya

Author and Creativity Coach

https://whitneyfreya.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook


Whitney Freya was a wanna-be artist and did not paint AT ALL until she opened her own art center in 1996 in Nashville, TN. When her first book was published in 2008, she closed the bricks & mortar location to go online and travel the world to activate infinite, creative spirits globally. 


She now has trained over 280 Creatively Fit Coaches who bring her frequency of creative coaching to their own clients and has published her third book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time.


Whitney shares how we are ALL creative when it comes to the canvas of our lives and the colors in our heart. She shares how learning to paint from your right brain helps you live from your creative mind all the time to bring light and purpose to your life.


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Kirsty O'Brien

Manifesting Muma & Teacher

www.kirstyinspires.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook


Kirsty O’Brien is a teacher of all things manifesting, meditation and self love. Inspiring women to create a life of intention and presence with daily rituals. Supporting you to ditch the doubt, heal your anxiety and bring clarity to your heart felt desires.


Kirsty shares about her journey moving through PTSD after her daughters transplant, what being a Manifesting Muma looks like in her day to day life, and how she describes the process of creating her soulful retreats.

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Rebecca Neale

Founder of Food Fitness Wellness

www.foodfitnesswellness.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook


Rebecca Neale is an Australian fitness and health professional, women’s empowerment coach, writer and speaker who has been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years as a personal trainer and online life coach. Her elite coaching skills has seen her reach not only Australian, but international clients as well. 


Rebecca shares about her journey with learning to love her body, how she moved through her depression after she stopped fitness modeling, and how transitioning to a holistic approach in life improved her life inside & out.

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Jo Kendall

Founder of HumanKind & Coach

www.jokendall.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook


Jo Kendall is the founder of the HumanKind Philosophy, Leader of the WomanKind Tribe, a Speaker and a Transformational Coach and Mentor for leaders, lightworkers and changemakers. Her mission is to guide you back to your true Self - to walk you home, remembering all parts of yourself, and reflecting back the gentle, radiant, strong and wise woman you have always been. 


Jo shares about the women who inspired her on her journey, how she moves through stress and anxiety, why she partners with doTERRA, and how strengthening her intuition improved her business & relationships.

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Jenna Black

Money Mindset Mentor & Coach

www.abundantboss.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook


Jenna Black is a money mindset mentor and intuitive business and success coach for visionary women. She supports women to become the abundant boss of their business and life, by tapping into unlimited abundance, expanding into their highest self and up-levelling their business with total alignment and flow. 


Jenna shares how she cultivated an abundance mindset, what she wishes she knew earlier on in life, what practices she leans on when making decisions in business, as well as some wisdom on following your dreams.

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Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Author and Business Coach

www.cassiemendozajones.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Cassie Mendoza-Jones is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good (Hay House), and a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker. She works with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives who are driven and devoted to honoring their dreams.


Cassie shares how her relationship with self love has evolved, what questions to ask yourself if you feel stuck or seeking an alignment tune up, as well as how she approached the process of writing her best-selling HayHouse books.

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Sophie Zen

Creator of Sacred Social

http://www.sophiezen.com |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Sophie a social media mentor and creatress of Sacred Social, an online program teaching her approach to using social media in a way that is deeply rooted with intention, creativity and flow. She empowers coaches & creatives to show up as their highest self in business. 


Sophie is a social media powerhouse who teaches about bringing alignment, intention, and joy into your social media practices. She shares how being intentional in social media completely changes the game and how people will react to your work, and wisdom on running a soul centered biz.

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Amanda Marit

Spiritual Teacher and Coach

https://amandamarit.com  |  Instagram   Facebook

Amanda Marit is a Spiritual Life Coach and founder of Morning Mantras. Her teachings are founded on the belief that you can have whatever you want through the power of your heart. Through stepping into her own journey of self-love and self-worth, she now guides women all over the world in their own transformations. 


Amanda shares how she moved through insecurity as her business expanded, how she came to realize and honor her purpose, things she wishes her younger self had known, and what her spiritual practice looks like.

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Amelia Harvey

Life & Business Coach

https://www.ameliaharvey.com.au  |  Instagram   Facebook

Amelia Harvey is a life coach and meditation teacher who supports open-hearted women to find purpose, peace, and abundance in every area of their lives. Amelia believes that you don’t need willpower, discipline, or sacrifice to live the life of your dreams - you simply need to know how to get out of your own way. 


Amelia shares how she moves through overwhelm, 4 strategies she implemented in her business to revolutionize it both internally and externally, along with some nuggets of wisdom for those dreaming of starting their own soul centered business.

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Justine Peacock

Intuitive Coach and Theta Healer

http://www.justinepeacock.com.au  |  Instagram   Facebook

Justine Peacock is a qualified lawyer, body mind energetic psychotherapist and coach. She is also a Theta Healer Practitioner and Teacher, and certified in Regeneration Healing, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. She supports women to transmute their blocks and darkness and to embrace and express their strength, purpose and power.


Justine shares her story of becoming an intuitive coach, what ThetaHealing is and why it is so important to healing all areas of our lives, why she maintains a daily spiritual practice, and why reconnecting with our intuition is the key to lasting happiness.

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Christie Lyons

Founder of White Light Publishing

www.whitelightuniversal.com.au  |  Instagram   Facebook

Christie Lyons is the founder of White Light Publishing House, Christie, is a mother of a teenager and two young children, and also directs her spiritual-based business, White Light Universal. 


Christie shares how she started her own publishing house for independent spiritual authors, and offers wisdom for anyone dreaming of starting their own

soul-centered business or writing a book.

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Grace Niu

Creator of Feng Shui Serenity

http://fengshuiserenity.com.au​  |  Instagram   Facebook

Grace Niu is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and an Intuitive Destiny Coach, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful career in media to explore her life purpose. 


Grace shares so much wisdom on Feng Shui, what The Five Element Theory is, creating flow in your home and office, and Destiny Profiling.

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Brittney Carmichael

Founder of Shine School

http://brittneycarmichael.com  |  Instagram   Facebook

Brittney is a trailblazing lightworker on a mission to inspire and empower badass women to live a life they love and shine from the inside out.

Brittney shares how she discovered her psychic abilities - that we ALL have within us! How she handled coming out of the spiritual closet in Texas, how to overcome fear so we live life as our authentic selves. As well as one of her most memorable psychic reading moments.

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Meg Jamison from


www.soul.work \  Instagram \  Facebook

Soul+Work is a blog+community sharing stories of soulful entrepreneurs and creative gypsies. Combine your soul + your work.  

Meg shares how she defines soul+work and how you can discover yours, how her life has transformed in all areas since aligning with her souls calling, and how we can overcome fear to follow our purpose.

an exclusive interview with

Natalie Walstein from

Soulshine Astrology

www.soulshineastrology.com  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Astrological insights for cosmic boss babes. 🔮 Natalie helps you discover your true calling. align your life + career with the cosmos.  

Natalie discusses her passion for Astrology, how Soulshine Astrology came to be, how planetary movements affect us, and what void moons are.