Facing Myself
by Carrie-Anne Moss

Even though I often want to live off grid in nature...
I know,
I will still have to face myself

Energy is everywhere
It's in everything
The food you eat
The music you listen to
The people you choose
And the people you come across all day long
It's in your thoughts
It's in your breath

Living a conscious life for me
Is asking myself: how do I grow from what is right in front of me.
What do I let go of?
Who do I let go of?
Who do I chose to stand tall with and work it out with,
and who do I let go of,  trusting that I am making room?
The pain
The fear
The deep love
Intimacy with my life is the
Vacation I've been searching for.

Intimacy with my people has opened me to the me I have been searching for

Everyday I design my life from the inside out
My car is always dirty
My nails are never done
But when I lie down at night I know that I'm growing
And that I'm finding my way

I have been on a journey of personal discovery for as long as I can remember.
Moving to the city of Angels at 24 brought me to hub of the self-help movement.

I have worked with many teachers many counselors.
I have taken seminars and classes in hope of personal growth ::

But what I have come to
Is that anytime I attach my healing or my personal growth to a teacher (or anyone else)

I will never truly grow.

It's when we look within
When we understand that only we can heal ourselves.
Only we hold the key to our personal growth.
Having teachers and inspiration and mentors is key,
Yes of course
But when our growth is held by the idea that someone outside of us will do it for us,
We get stuck in the hamster wheel of self-help exploitation and profit.

Who are you doing it for? Whose voice is in your head? What's important to you?

Stop pointing fingers and look at yourself.
Know how lovable you are.

Feed yourself well in mind and body
Connect to your soul
What do you stand for?
Heal your lineage.
Live your life for you.

Carrie-Anne Moss is an Actress best known for her work in The Matrix, a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, and creator of Annapurna Living. Annapurna is a call to the modern woman to join her on this journey toward connection to the self and to our surroundings. http://annapurnaliving.com