The Answers Are In Your Dreams
by Doreen Virtue

Dreams are gateways to other worlds, times, and planes of existence. They are sacred spaces in which we receive messages from Source. The first part of my book explains some specific techniques to create your own dreams. 

Manifesting Through Dreams  

One of the most important forms of dreaming is lucid dreaming. This is when you are clearly aware that you are dreaming. Everything will seem vivid and real, and your senses will be intensified. You can then influence the events that are taking place or choose to create a completely new reality.

Sometimes you will have an “Aha!” moment or some other trigger to make you conscious of the fact that you are dreaming. The opportunity for transformation, manifestation, and creativity emerges from that moment of realization. When you open your awareness up to how you can create your dream circumstances, you become very good at manifesting in your waking life.

Select a "Totem"

To promote lucid dreaming, it helps to select a “totem,” which can be any significant object. You will be using the sight of it to remind you that you are in the dreamtime, so choose one that best reflects that for you. A body part, such as your hand or foot, can be a great totem, since you will most likely see one of these in any type of dream you have. Do not switch to a different totem after you’ve selected one. The more you work with it, the more of an energetic charge it will gain. Whenever you see the totem in your dreams, it triggers your memory and you become more and more likely to awaken to the fact that you are dreaming.

Once you are aware you are dreaming, you can then begin to create your dream. For example, you may be dreaming you are in room full of people when you would prefer to be in a field blossoming with flowers. You can make the choice to change your environment so you may be in that colorful field. Or, perhaps in the crowded room, you might choose to approach a specific person in order to begin a conversation.

You can explore all of your options and experiences once you realize you are dreaming. Create a different environment, choose to talk to someone, work on a solution to a problem, create a project, or compose music. All of this is possible in lucid dreaming. Remember to be patient with yourself, as it takes a bit of practice to stay in a lucid dream once you awaken to the fact you are dreaming.

Problem-solving dreams help you understand something in your life that requires attention. When a situation needs to be resolved, your higher self, along with your angels and guides, will bring a problem solving dream to you. You can analyze the components of these dreams to learn the truth of the matter, how you feel in the situation, or maybe how to confront an issue in question. Problem-solving dreams can help you identify your next step.

Doreen Virtue a world famous author, creator of Angel Therapy, speaker, and clairvoyant. She is the author of over 50 books and 25 oracle card decks, on the topics of angels, fairies, healthful living, vegan eating, and spirituality, published in 38 languages globally. Doreen traveled worldwide giving workshops for the past 25 years. She now creates online workshops, and spends her time with her family, animals, and practicing yoga.