The 4 Steps I Followed On My Path To Find Self-Love And Inner Peace
by Libby Kay

In life we all have a different journey and special path that our souls are destined to follow. The last couple years have been very eye opening for me. I am happy to say that I am currently on my special path. I am still discovering new things about myself each day and I don’t know where my path will take me but it’s a great feeling knowing that I am on my way.

Before I arrived at my special path, I was a very lost soul. I wasn’t surrounding myself with the right people, I wasn’t doing things that were beneficial for my well-being and most importantly I wasn’t following my heart and being kind to myself.

I realized that I needed to make a change.

This was when my exciting, nourishing and life-changing journey of reconnecting with myself began. You may already be on your special path, but if you are at the same stage I was a couple years ago then I hope at least one of these 4 steps may help to benefit your life in some way.

1.   A positive shift.
I realised that I had let toxic people into my life who were no good for my wellbeing or confidence, but I also had loving and uplifting people in my life, who were.
I had to separate these people into two categories. The ones who were a positive influence in my life and the ones who had a negative impact. I made the choice to cut the negative people out of my life completely. Although it was hard, it was one of the most rejuvenating and important steps that I made in making a positive shift for me.

2. A quest of the heart.
I knew that an important step was to discover my souls purpose; it was something I never truly thought about. It’s so important to stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and to stop comparing yourself to others. I put myself first, blocked out the negative energy and followed my heart. I began to do things whole-heartedly, I took note of the things that made me happy and were good for my soul and stuck to them.

3. Reinventing the past.
I came to the realisation that I could not recreate the past. I tried to focus on the positives from my past rather than the negatives. Once I came to a peaceful state with my past I set myself uplifting goals for the future, goals that would benefit my wellbeing. I now see incidents from my past as life lessons and lessons that have shaped me into a better person today.

4. Spreading light.
When you find your inner light, it’s important to spread it to those who are lost.  When you find peace within yourself, you become a better listener, lover and friend. Spread love to those around you, hug those around you, and compliment those around you. Spread light by complimenting their soul, not just there appearance. Spread light by being you, by being truly present with others and by forgiving those who deserve a second chance. This world needs more love, so let’s show people more of it!

I am not a writer or an expert; this is just my own personal discovery of inner peace and self-love. I hope you enjoyed reading and may be inspired to spread light to others, and of course practice self-love.


Libby Kay contributed this article on YourZenLife. "My name is Libby and I am from beautiful New Zealand. I love all things adventure, travel and fitness but most importantly I love to be around friends and family. I love to make others smile and laugh and if I could make that my full time job I would." @libbykayy